Thursday, 29 September 2011

NTU Multimedia Graduate Review: Jason Hibbert

As I was browsing through the Alumni list of NTU graduates, I discovered a Multimedia designer called Jason Hibbert. Whilst looking through his work, I was impressed with the diverse range of media based work which he had in his portfolio. I was particularly interested in the Interactive pieces, which look to be created for Children to enhance learning and development.

The images display how Jason has worked strictly to a brief, to design an interactive piece which is functional and can be used for a specific purpose- in this case it has been created for the younger audience. I was initially impressed with the way that Jason Hibbert shows a range of various skills across the multimedia front. His works portrays his capability to adapt quickly to different design briefs and succeed in this.

The colour schemes, font size and style, language and theme, reflect Jasons ability to directly approach and target his audience. I am very impressed with all of Jasons work and I am looking forward to getting the course started to begin to learn new skills and understand the different technologies and how to use them.


  1. I work with Jason hibbert, he is single and ready to mingle, his mobile number is

    07762 629927

    1. seriously, he really likes you, he's just a bit shy :)

    2. In all seriousness, if anyone is interested in my work then I’d be more than pleased to show them around my flat in Nottingham, we could perform a range of arts and crafts (this could get messy though, so bring some spare clothes) and we can share ideas