Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Typography Choices..

Below are the examples of text colour and font for my website- by doing this I have came to the decision on the most suitable style. Typography is very important when it comes to design because it defines the page appearance. 

Above are all the fonts I have compared for my webpages, I have found the fonts from the list on Photoshop. I have tried to consider different spacing, colour and style. It's been a touch decision deciding which font to use for my piece. I wanted something which would be suitable and readable for the user- especially if there are large amounts of text. I was struggling with most of fonts, I just felt they were not visually creative  enough. However I discovered the tool of character spacing on Photoshop. This tool allowed me to experiment with the space between each letter by tightening and loosening the space.

Although I looked at Sans Serif fonts, I did not think they worked with the page layout and style as well as Serif Fonts. I have used Scrabble pieces for my titles and because this gives my design a fairly 'traditional style', I need the font to compliment this. With this is mind I was able to rule down my choice of fonts significantly to only Serifs. 

This left me with Times New Roman, a common and popular font and Trajan Pro. Both of which match my page style. However Trajan pro is capitals and unfortunately this isn't what I wanted, I wanted to be able to use elongated capital letters combined with smaller lower case letters. The only problem I have left with Times New Roman is that it still looked too common and did not have a flare of originality.   I used my knowledge of character spacing and used it with Times New Roman- this was much better because the letters were closer together which gave it more appeal with an traditional edge.

In regards to colour, it is obvious that I need to keep it related to my chosen colour scheme of shades of red, black and grey. The singular colours do work well but for added emphasis and links on certain words, I am going to change to alternative colours and add text decorations of italics and bold.

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