Sunday, 5 February 2012

Social Networking & Audiences

When designing it is very important to consider who you are going to be producing the product for. This also applies to my website. Although it is obvious that is going to be created for me and to broadcast my work, I still need to consider my audience. Twitter, Facebook, Deviant Art, Linkedin and blogs are all ways to target an audience in a professional manner.

Social networking is the perfect way for me to be able to join groups which I can communicate with, which is related to my work. I am already a member of twitter and Facebook, and I also have blogs which I write about projects I am currently working on.

For me, Twitter is the best social network to be able to use to start building an audience and followers who are interested in what I do. It works in both ways, as I am also able to follow and trend a topics relevant to web design. I want to include a twitter feed on my website, which will show direct tweets and conversations which I am having. This way I am expanding followers and I am creating something which is used on a professional and formal basis.
At the minute I am not sure which page would suit the website best. I feel that it will probably work best on the 'contact me' page, as it will lead the user onto my twitter and also will enhance the interactive experience.

Facebook is also useful for expanding audiences, especially now that it has the 'timeline' which enables the user to document everything which has been shared over years. For the website I don't plan to have a Facebook page, as I prefer twitter. I do however appreciate the usefulness and the awareness it can have. 

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