Thursday, 26 January 2012

Homepage- Wireframe

This is the design for my homepage wire frame, I have kept is quite simple, this is because I want to try and understand the software before I over complicate things. I have chosen a central main montage of images to visually show my example of work, so that users on my website understand about me. This is also why I have added a couple of lines of text below which also will demonstrate a quick outline on the purpose of my site, this will enable users to learn about my work very quickly.

I wanted to keep it fairly simple because some of the research which I carried out, suggested that the most successful websites, were the ones which remained simple and allowed the user to navigate quickly without having to concentrate too hard on how to use the site. I decided to keep everything fairly central because I felt that the eye would be able to focus easily, especially if all the text and images were aligned.

I want the navigation to be placed along the top bar, just underneath the header so that it is one of the main things which the user will see and be attracted to- the words will all be equally spaced out and will be in capitals. The image montage will also act as a link to the gallery page & the small about me text, will again be a link to the 'about me' page.

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