Thursday, 26 January 2012

Threshold Concepts- Ineractivity

The things I look for in a film are:

  • Strong, gripping storyline
  • Mystery with unknown elements which keep the audience guessing throughout the film
  • Good conclusion and an effective satisfying resolution- which leaves you content once finished watching.
  • Characters which tell the story line well- but also are intriguing and slightly mysterious.

My plot would consist of a chase, but it would not be stereotypical. The characters would be lost between layers of time, which they have to attempt to escape. There would be two main characters male & female which are simultaneously trying to discover how to find a resolution out of the situation. The two characters introduce romance, but only one is able to escape. Both characters try to ignore the fact that only one will be able to safely return to reality... but they each try to defy fate.

There would be an unknown character or object which they are trying to escape from, however the audience would never see it- they would only feel its presence. 

The story would be very mysterious with the audience never knowing when or where the story is set, all that would be revealed would be the dramatic need to escape the predicament which they are in. 

The story would be resolved but there would be a huge decision which would have to be made. Eventually the two characters would fall for one another, and would end up staying together lost in time.

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