Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Mood board..

My Mood Board below, has been created to begin the design process of my website. I began by collecting images which I was interested and visually attracted too. The Mood board has helped me to understand my own personal branding. I began by choosing things which I was interested in, I started with using the website image spark, which enabled me to see collections of images which I were drawn towards. I have used tones of reds, pinks, black and greys, this is the start of the colour palette I'd like to  use on my design, however I am sure that I will not use all of the colours and styles. My Mood board has a feminine feel, which I believe is reflected from my own style of work and art which I have created in the past.

I have used a central image of Alice in Wonderland because I am drawn towards the 'wonderland' style, with the imaginative and creative characters related with it. I am also a fan of reading books and whilst I was completing my A level art,  I used a lot of lettering and collaging in my work- I felt that this is important to include within my mood board . I like too travel- so I have included some images which I have taken myself whilst travelling, I have used an image of Albert Dock in Liverpool and also the Cavern in Liverpool.

I plan to alter the designs/colours/images a lot before I finalise any kind of design ideas and decisions.  Completing another mood board will also encourage me to try and combine all my interests into something which reflects my style- so that my portfolio echoes my work and passions.

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