Friday, 14 October 2011

Editing Practice

After doing some filming practice last week in a small group, we uploaded the files onto the arnold server. The arnold server enables us all to have network space where we can store files for the whole group to access.

We shot some really basic footage, but it was a great starter task for everyone to get to know one another. Also it helped us to familiarise ourselves with the cameras, capturing various shots and angles. I discovered that it wasn't as easy as first anticipated, and was a lot different to the cameras I had used at ALevel.

Today we had an intro to Premier Pro CS4, I have used this programme before but only on a basic level. We learnt how to make cuts, add effects, manage the sound, add on transitions and render onto a specific file type. I made a short edit of the footage we had captured, I learnt that I needed to concentrate more on what is in the frame, when filming so that when it is loaded onto Premier the shot is framed better. I think that basically the more you practice & play around with the software, the more familiar you will become! I plan to head into Waverly over the week and try to get some practice done...

Untitled from Zoe Stroud on Vimeo.

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