Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Design Process

My most recent creative piece of work would be from my Art A Level course. Within the course we were set themes which we had to design and develop an idea to make a finished piece of art. As I had taken art throughout my years at school I understood what was expected of me in relation to the design process. I usually would begin my artistic development with research; I would start with one small idea and escalate it until I had several which all could be developed. I normally found the internet and books were the easiest way to find idea and artists who I could compare and contrast my work with. I always found that if I discovered an artist whose work motivated me, I could generally develop my own creative pieces much quicker and easier- pulling through the inspiration from that artist. Julie Baugnet is one of the artists which I found captivating and featured her work heavily in my research and development- see photo below (Serenade by Julie Baugnet).

The easiest way to test my ideas was to carry out feedback. I asked different questions and opinions from people who I worked with, family and friends. By having their input I was able to see which ideas worked better and which were more popular. Another way I would test out my various ideas was to develop each one further, so I could define which one I felt more comfortable designing and which ones generally worked better. By doing this I was able to distinguish which creative piece I wanted to pursue further and simultaneously constantly improving my work.

Generally, I do not often look at my previous work. But I understand that I am going to have to pull on my knowledge from previous practices, to help me move forward with the multimedia tasks that are set. After understanding that the Multimedia course at NTU is all about creativity, I now know I can use some of the techniques I have used in my Art course and translate them into various other Medias. Now I have thought about the processes I have carried out before, I am already starting to understand where these would fit into the course.

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