Monday, 24 October 2011

Rule of Thirds

After Jools' lecture last week, we were asked to create a short film showing our understanding of the rule of thirds. In mine I have used an image which I took last year and added how I think the Rule of Thirds applies to it. Photographers use this rule to help to compose the image, it is believed to be one of the most famous rules of photography.

The Rule of Thirds can be the basis for well framed shot. When you apply the grid onto the photo, you can see where the best place to frame the image, it helps to produce nicely balanced photos which are in proportion.  If you place the point of interest of your image along the intesections or along the lines it composes the shot better, and creates an image which is naturally more aesthectically pleasing. In my video I have placed the tree trunk along the left side veritcal line, I have also used the top horizontal line as a gudidance for the top of the trees. By following this rule I think my image is composed better and is overall more attractive.

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