Monday, 24 October 2011


This week has been really busy. Our group filmed Tues & Weds and we managed to complete by 4pm on Tues. I found that whilst on shoot it was a lot harder than first expected. I underestimated how difficult it was to adjust the camera to the natural lighting, and even by the smallest change of light (etc, the sun going behind the clouds) the shots were affected. Also I didn’t realise how every time the shot moved ,the tripod then had to be and readjusted to the ensure everything was level.

I got feedback from Deb today after I had completed my very rough first edit, she explained some things about sound and said that she would rather us to be enhancing and playing around with sounds that had been recorded than use a pre-recorded sound tracks. I have looked at some sound salready and downloaded a few tracks to experiment with. She also said how this edit was meant to demonstrate our learning process, so it was important to learn from what we had done, and what we could improve if we had the chance to refilm/re edit etc.

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