Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I have now completed the second version of my interaction project, I feel that it was important to do the second version so that I could make important improvements. I took the tutors feedback and changed it due to advice I was given. I am quite happy with this version, however I plan to gather some more feedback to try and to complete another version with more improvements.

My target audience is children aged between 6-9 year olds, I think that my project achieves the aim for this audience. The drawings/ sketches with I have used are basic, 2-D shapes which I believe appeals to children. The colours/fonts and language used have all been specifically picked so that they are 'child friendly'. I think that my project achieves its aim of being user friendly. I am happy with most of decisions I have made, and I am very glad I have been able to become used to the software, because now in my next project I will be able to create a more complex idea- maybe developing a game or an detective interaction piece.  

The sketches and images which I have used were purposely drawn to be two dimensional so that they would look like cartoons. I found it quite tedious when I first encountered the HTML coding, but after an afternoon of playing around on the programme, I soon picked up the basic skills.  My first edit was initially quite basic, but I added a second option in my second version, this enables the user to have more choice. If I complete another edit, I hope to change the links so that one option can only be chosen at a time.

Improvements that could be made include, changing the text so that it isn't as harsh, maybe changing the opacity on the black background.  This will make it contribute to make in more user friendly. Another improvement that can be made would considering adding music, or sounds that when they are clicked on- they encourage the user to become more involved, this would be the next stage in the process and is a key development for my project.

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