Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Final Animation

I am not happy with the Version Three (final), I feel as if I have tried an idea which is slightly too complicated for the first time using the software. I understand now that I should have remained with a simpler idea- and concentrated on my After Effects skills. I am frustrated with my final result I have many changes which I would like act upon if I get the chance, however If I do not have the time to make another edit, I will take the lessons I have learnt from this module and take it forward with me to my next design project.

I feel that my earlier versions (one & two) were more successful than this final version. This is because It stuck to a specific style. This style used simple drawings and sketches which I then added onto background and used an photographic image to finish the animation. This simplistic style worked really well and was not too complicated for my first animation.

The things which I think work well were:
• The background, the glow I added on the brush tool on Photoshop, adds another dimension to the stars and lets them stand out. Also how the layers move together in the background. I used five different layers which each moved slightly differently; creating a space effect.
• The Gaussian Blur was used to experiment with composition and dimension, this was added to try and add depth of field to the animation. This worked well but If I was to complete another version I would try and play around with this more, using the space ship to dodge in between the planets.
• I changed the photographic image from the 'screaming guy' to an image of an eye. I think both of the photographic images visually stand out, and I think that I could have used either of them in both of the animation. I am happy with the eye, because it creates a relationship between the composition., and transitions really well into the space scene.

The main elements of the animation that I would like to change, would be the planets, as I have mentioned before- I was much happier when the planets appeared two-dimensional, because It generated an audience of younger children, whereas the final version seems to have lost its purpose.
This is something which I definitely want to reconsider, the axis which the planets rotate on isn't as accurate as I would like. It has given me much practice on After Effects and in DP2 hopefully I will be able to take what I have learnt and will not make the same mistakes as I have.

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