Sunday, 6 November 2011

Version One: Interaction Project.

I have completed my first version of my interactive project- I was surprised that I enjoyed learning about the HTML and CSS as much as I did when creating this project. I thought that I would find it difficult, after practising a few times I soon picked up how to navigate and use Adobe Dreamweaver.

My first version uses nine pages, which give the user option to select and navigate through the site. I think that the navigation is clearly labelled and is easy to move through the space without struggling to find where to click. The illustration and images I have used work better together than I first thought, and it has enabled me to expand my skills on drawing, photoshop and dreamweaver. In our seminar on Tues, I hope to gain feedback from the tutor to help me progress my project further. I want to add another section onto the project, guidance and feedback will help me to achieve this.

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