Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Feedback: Interaction

After speaking with the tutor yesterday, I received some feedback on my interaction project, version one. I knew myself that there was still more work that I wanted to do to it, but I was not sure on what. I was given some constructive feedback which I feel will help my project move forward.

Here are the main points:
  • Add another option from page three- this way the project will be more diverse and keep the children engaged
  • The tutor mentioned she really like the colours and themes of my idea, and thought it generally worked well.
  • I have to remember the target audience of children, so cannot use anything too graphic
  • I was told to have the hotspots on the birds instead of words, as it makes it easier to navigate and it is what children would naturally want to click on.
  • Add a bridge image of him flying home, to show how the time is moving and progressing
  • On the page where it shows mushrooms & birds I was advised to take out the lettering and just have the images.
  • Keep words simple like I have been doing eg. Mr Bird, Mr Fox.

I'm happy with the feedback I received and I am going to make these changes over the next few days, ready for the project to be completed. Also I plan to test my product out on school children- aged between 6-7, this will help me a lot when evaluating as I will have comments and reactions from the intended users. 

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