Sunday, 6 November 2011

Development Interaction Project

Idea Two: 'I'm like a bird'

I picked this idea because its quite diverse and enables me to use illustration & photos. The idea looks at decisions an animal would make, this instantly would appeal to the audience of children due to the interaction with animals.

The idea features an image of birds which the user is persuaded to click, the bird has to decided what to eat & there are options which give the correct and incorrect choices. The user interacts and choses and learns from the experience. The user is able to be transformed into the bird, visually seeing things from its point of view. I think this idea is more varied with the possibility with me being able to be creative.

I don't want piece to just show a random selection of images, I think its really important that the user experiences emotion, perception, action and cognition. It needs to explain something and also tell a message. I think that this is the strongest idea which is able to let me develop it in several different ways. Although I like the first idea, this is stronger. Idea two is the idea I have chosen to use for my interaction project.

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